Internal Blasting of Large Diameter Pipes

Shot Blasting machine GRT-I

The corporate philosophy of COGEIM EUROPE is characterized by the continuous research and development of innovative solutions in the field of ​​shot blasting equipment.

As a result of some requests from customers, the team of engineers of the company COGEIM EUROPE is engaged in designing a specific shot blasting unit named GRT-I series, aiming at cleaning and decaling the interior of large diameter steel pipes.
The Design of the shot blasting machines GRT (External blasting of pipes) and GRT-I series (Internal blasting of pipes) is characterized by precision, fine recovery and recycling of grit, to ensure high productivity. Their construction allows easy inspection for the periodic replacement of parts subject to wear.

COGEIM EUROPE’s range of products covers all requirements on blasting, as spring treatments, casting, fasteners and steel structures.

Cogeim Europe Srl – Italy