Shot blasting machine with Light Blast

Model STL 600 – 4TR – AL

New shot blasting machine / equipment of EUROPE COGEIM for the treatment of aluminum injection through the usage of light abrasive technology.

COGEIM EUROPE has recently installed a special unit registered as Model STL 600 – 4TR – AL.
The equipment has been designed specifically to be used with aluminum micro spheres.
It is provided with an extremely precise system for the recovery and recycling of abrasive in order to select the grit with improved accuracy. First, through the upgrade of a high efficiency cyclone, then through a separator also equipped with special devices designed by COGEIM’s technicians.
In order to minimize the risk of aluminothermy phenomenon, the equipment is provided with an explosion-proof dust collector ensuring more safety than the ATEX standards.
Another advantage of this unit is that it is provided with four high performance turbines, each powered by only 7.5 kW, which allows propelling an amount of abrasive that is about three times larger (It is comparable with a 11 kW turbine) than the normal turbine and thus ensuring lower operating costs.
All machine functions and settings are controlled by PLC, a user friendly interface created and studied by COGEIM programmers.

Cogeim Europe Srl – Italy

Granalhadora c/ Granalha de Alumínio
Shot Blasting Machine by Light Blast