Privacy Policy of
This website collects some User Personal Data.

Owner and Data Controller
João Machado Serra Unip Lda – Rua 24 de Junho N3, 4805-021 Brito, Guimarães, Portugal

Owner’s contact email:

Types of data collected
Among the types of Personal Data that this website collects, either by itself or through third parties, there are: Cookie and Usage Data.

Full details of each type of Personal Data collected are provided in the dedicated sections of this privacy policy or by specific explanatory texts displayed prior to data collection.
The Personal Data may be freely provided by the User, or, in the case of Usage Data, collected automatically when using this website.
Unless otherwise specified, all Data requested by this website is required and failure to provide this Data may make this website impossible to provide your Services. In the event that this website specifically states that some Data is not mandatory, Users are free to stop communicating this Data without any consequences for the availability or operation of the Service.
Users who have questions about which Personal Data are required are invited to contact the Owner.
Any use of cookies – or other tracking tools – by this website or the owners of third party services used by this website will be for the purpose of providing the Services requested by the User, in addition to the other purposes described in this document and the Cookies Policy , if available.

Users are responsible for any Third Party Personal Data that is obtained, published or shared through this Service (this website) and confirms that they are authorized by third parties to provide the Data to the Owner.

Data processing mode and location
Processing method
The Owner shall take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or unauthorized destruction of the Data.
Data processing is performed using computers and / or IT enabled tools, following organizational procedures and means strictly related to the indicated purposes. In addition to the Owner, in some cases, the Data may be accessed by certain types of persons responsible for the operation of this Service (this website) (administration, sales, marketing, legal system administration) or external persons (such as outsourced technical services, mailmen, hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies) appointed, where necessary, as Data Processors by the Owner. The updated list of these parts may be requested from the Owner at any time.

Legal basis for processing
The Owner may process the User-related Personal Data if one of the following applies:

Users have given their consent to one or more specific purposes; Note: Under some laws the Owner may be allowed to process the Personal Data UNTIL THE User objects to this (“opt-out”), without having to rely on consent or any other legal basis to follow. This does not, however, apply whenever the processing of Personal Data is subject to European data protection legislation;
the provision of the Data is necessary for compliance with a contract with the User and / or any pre-contractual obligations of the User;
processing is necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation to which the Owner is subject;
the processing is related to a task that is performed in the public interest or in the exercise of an official authorization in which the Owner is invested;
processing is necessary for the purpose of legitimate interests pursued by the Owner or a third party;
In any case, the Owner will willingly cooperate to clarify the legal basis for processing, and in particular if the provision of Data is a mandatory requirement by law or contract, or a requirement to enter into a contract.

The data is processed at the owners’ headquarters, and at any other places where the parties involved with the processing are located.
Depending on the location of the User, the data transfers may involve the transfer of the User Data to another country other than yours. To find out more about the processing location of such transferred Data, Users may check the section containing the details about the processing of Personal Data.

Users also have the right to be informed of the legal basis for transfers